Women with PTSD United is a world-wide network of women who suffer from PTSD from varying causalities. It's purpose is to provide information and education regarding Post Traumatic Stress Disorder in relation to women, connect these women and their supporters to others with similar experiences, challenges, and goals regarding diagnosis, treatment, and management of PTSD, and advocate for awareness and understanding of Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and its effects on women.

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  • PTSD and Family
  • PTSD and Love Relationships
  • PTSD and Health
  • PTSD and It's Social Impact
  • PTSD and Cognitive Skills

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  • Therapy and PTSD
  • Hospitalization for Treatment​
  • Medications and Natural Remedies

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Support and services available for women with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Facts, explanations, and details about Post Traumatic Stress Disorder


INformation, Resources, and Support for Women with PTSD

"You can become the woman that you were meant to be when you take steps towards reaching the light that exists within you... becoming knowledgeable, aware, empowered, involved, and active in your recovery are keys to unlocking and releasing the past, and planting seeds for the future." -mel

If you are a woman suffering from PTSD and it's related symptoms, you are not alone!!  This site is dedicated to the education and empowerment of women with PTSD, and to raising awareness and acceptance for those who suffer.

 Women with

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